Guangzhou Lebole Apparel - Dont trust the photos


I recently found on the Alibaba web site a Chinese company called" Guangzhou Lebole Apparel Co., Ltd" they show you the most beautiful and sexy models wearing great garments (in my case beach cover ups) I asked many times "are those your actual models? YES was the reply. after much searching on company I paid the over charge for samples $50.00 each only because I had a big order based on photos..I received horrible samples not even close to styles selected. Since then thet are playing games with me I asked for my money back, they replies after many emails send back samples we will send money.

I said I sent money first or least send 50% of my money then I will send samples..Its not the $500.00 that upsets me its the loss of a BIG order and the fact they lied..

The order I losat was for $50,000.00 so lost that and the respect from my customer

I have all the proof anyone needs!!!

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